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Car Key Replacement

Mr. Key Locksmith Helps With Car Key Replacement

Have you lost your car keys? Whether you're at work searching your pants pockets for your keys or you watched your car keys drop down the sewer drain, you may always be wondering what in the world you can do to recover your car keys. Don't worry, if your vehicle starts with a set of keys you can have replacements made. With the help of Mr. Key Locksmith, you'll have new, replacement keys for your vehicle.


There are some keys that do require a computer chip to be installed within the key. This is a security measure inserted into the key by the auto manufacturer. In these instances, you may need to have the dealership replace the keys because of the specialized coding. However, give Mr. Key Locksmith a call. The locksmith in Lathrop, CA will tell you whether or not the key can be replaced with a simple swap of a key, or if it needs to have a new computer chip programed to match the computer inside your vehicle.

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